ROGUE blog tour


I promised you a blog tour. And lo, I give you: a blog tour. I also promised that it would be a bit odder than the ones you’re used to. And lo, it is odd. Read on.

From now until ROGUE’s release on September 10th, each stop will reveal an image that represents a chapter in the book – could refer to setting, plot, an important object, mood, or whatever other diabolical visualizations with which I feel like tormenting my dear readers. I highly encourage discussion of said images, ideas on what they might mean, conspiracy theories, wacky conjectures, wild questioning of the author’s sanity, etc.

Each image will also contain a hidden letter…though really, they’re not that well hidden. (If you have eyes, you should be able to spot them.) Collect the letters every day. On the final day, Tuesday, September 10th, you can use the letters you collected during the tour to solve a puzzle on my website. Enter your answer, and you will be entered into a random drawing to win signed and annotated copies of the complete trilogy!

Many of the hosts on the tour will be offering giveaways as well, so be sure to check them out and get your entries in. For the complete tour schedule, the fine print, and to reread everything I just told you, hit up my website.

So! To get things started, get thee over to Mundie Moms, who have graciously offered to kick things off. But as a sneak peak, here’s the first image, from the prologue:


Mwahaha. Have fun!


One comment

  1. You evil evil woman. My shiny foil cover copy of Rogue just showed up today, and now, to be a WINNER! – I must study the literature carefully. Perhaps craft a thesis statement. Then become a WINNER! Damn you.

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