Road trip! Again

Remember when I went on a bigass Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour last year? Well, I’m doing it again. Sort of.

My friend is moving across the country, and another friend and I are going along to deposit her into the strange, foreign land. (Did you know there’s a New Mexico? Crazy!) While I won’t be blogging on the road, you can be sure that once I get back I will recap our antics in full, including plenty of photos of things that are equal to or quite possibly more exciting than the Giant Ball Of Twine. And since this trip is more for pleasure than for business, we will be focusing more on having a dangerously good time, and less on any sort of bookstore visits or signings. Besides, ROGUE won’t even be out yet, so why bother…

Wait a minute.

* draws up a plan, does some calculations, cackles maniacally, frightens the dog *

I now have a secret plan. Here’s how it’s going to go down:
1. Follow the ROGUE blog tour currently in progress online. (Today’s stops – Book Crushin and Book Geeks Rule)
2. Once that ends on September 10th, I will announce a BONUS TOUR EXTENSION with a REAL LIFE COMPONENT. There will be PRIZES. And it will be FUN.

Until then, secrets.

Back in ten days!


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