Audiobooks are like ice cream for your ears, without the mess.

DID YOU KNOW: that the books of the Croak series are available as audiobooks? Probably not, as I have woefully neglected to blab about them as much as I should. But blab about them I must, because they are SO FREAKING AMAZING.

This is all due to the mellifluous, hilarious, marvelous talents of Jessica Almasy, narrator extraordinaire. I’ll be honest–I was a little freaked out about listening to my own books being read back to me, as the only voice I’ve ever heard the words in is the one inside this crackpot head of mine. But she took those characters and ran with them, infusing each one with the quirks and nuances that I’d always imagined. It’s a little scary, how well she saw into my brain. Perhaps alien technology is afoot.

I could go on and on about how great she is–and I did, in an interview that Audible was gracious enough to record and post on their website, and which you may listen to right here:

Here’s Jessica’s bio:


Jessica Almasy has had the privilege of recording nearly 100 audiobook titles ranging from sci-fi multicast novels to young adult vampire tales to poetic works of literary fiction. She received Audie Awards for Clementine and Operation Yes and a 2011 nomination, as well as multiple Earphones Awards. She is an accomplished commercial, theatre, television and film actress and writer and teaches acting in the prestigious BFA program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

And here’s my page on Audible, where you can purchase the books and listen for hours and hours until you pass out in a pool of your own drool. Not that I have done such a thing myself. It’s just a suggestion.


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