And now, for your reading pleasure, a list of deep fried items I consumed over the weekend.

Will and I went to the Big E on Saturday. The Big E, for those of you who don’t know, is basically the collective state fair for all of New England. And state fairs, for those of you who don’t know, are things that I love with a burning passion.

90% of that passion is devoted to the disgusting, wonderful food that these atrocities have to offer. (The other 10% goes to Hilby, the Skinny German Juggling Boy and, of course, the almighty butter sculpture.) We started off with some light fare: the Crazy Burger. Yes, that’s a bacon cheeseburger with a glazed donut serving as the bun. Yes, we willingly put this into our bodies. Yes, it was delicious in ways that humans weren’t meant to understand, and no, I don’t care if you’re judging me.

IMG_1615Well, I care enough to state for the record that Will and I each only ate half. We’re not monsters.

After that, the rest of the day went down like this:

  • Deep fried brownie bits
  • Deep fried cheese curds
  • Will’s desert trifecta: Big E-Clair, Big E Cream Puff, and a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and rolled in bacon
  • Deep fried shepherd’s pie
  • Italian sausage (grilled, not fried!)

And last but not least–in fact, my very very favorite part of this shameful display–the Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. You can’t tell in this picture, but at that moment I achieved nirvana.

IMG_1636~Love lifts us up where we belong~
~Where the eagles cry on a mountain high~

At brief moments throughout the day I was able to rouse myself from the grease-induced delirium and experience some other fun stuff. There were dancing camels:

IMG_1696Note the irony of the No Smoking sign.

Superhero sheep:



IMG_1625“I’m so fabulous!”
IMG_1627“Oh my God. He’s so fabulous.”

A jolly but understandably nervous hot dog:

IMG_1632The mustard tie is a classy touch.

And–yep, say it with me–a singing refrigerator.

IMG_1650Or maybe the deep-fried hallucinogens were finally taking their toll. Hard to tell.

And then on Sunday, ROGUE got its very own launch party! I accepted the party on its behalf.

IMG_1700“No, really! A singing refrigerator!”

So that was my weekend. Oh, hey!–don’t forget, the big ROGUE blog tour contest ends today. Be sure to get your answers in at the official page to be entered for a chance to win a copy of the whole trilogy, signed and annotated. Bam. Good luck!



  1. I love going to the Big E! MMMMM the Crazy Burger. I always have to get a cream puff when I go. And I’m a big fan of the ginormous turkey leg. I feel like such a neanderthal walking around with it lol!! The chocolate and bacon covered banana sounds epic. I must try one!!

  2. Reblogged this on The Cosplaying Librarian and commented:
    Gina writes the best blog posts. Srsly.
    Also, my teens were so excited that I got copies of Rogue at the library yesterday that they did silly ridiculous happy spinny dances that I wish I had caught on camera :D

  3. Looks like fun. I was pretty bummed that I missed the NYS fair this year but I haven’t been home for it in about… 7 years. I love the fried oreos but a must is the chocolate milk. There’s just something about that milk. It’s so creamy and chocolatey! Unfortunately, they don’t do anything like that out here in the desert. :\

    • Yes, the milk bar is something special. I really love the one at the NYS fair – you pay your little quarter, then you get your little ticket, then you get your little cup. Adorable.

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