Maybe you’d like to win some audiobooks?

Wait, wait, first things first. Remember the big ROGUE blog tour? Remember that contest that went along with it? Well, the winner is:

Solana W.!

Congrats Solana! And thanks to all who followed along with the tour. It was long, I know, but hopefully you stuck it out and had a good time along the way. Now that the book is out, you can go back and look at all the pretty pictures and see how they fit into the story! Neato.

1This one symbolizes CHEESEBALLS.

Anyway, I’m not done giving stuff away. Last week I did a bit of raving about how awesome the Croak audiobooks are, and today I’m going to give out some free downloads. There will be four ways to win. The ways are as follows:

  • At some point today, I will tweet a trivia question. First one to tweet back with the correct answer wins.
  • At another point today, I will post a trivia question on Facebook. First one to comment with the right answer wins.
  • At yet another point today, I will post a trivia question on my website. First one to enter the right answer wins.
  • At any point today, you may leave a comment on this blog post telling me which character would be your favorite one to voice if you got to narrate the Croak books. I’ll pick a winner at random.

Good luck! And to get even more excited, head over to my website, where you can now listen to samples of all three books – Croak, Scorch, and Rogue. Just stuff them right in your earholes.

And lastly, for any of you in the Boston area this weekend, be sure to check out the Boston Teen Author Festival on Saturday, September 21st from 11:30-4:00, where 22 YA authors from New England will be gathering for panels, signings, and fun. For a complete list of authors and a schedule of the day’s events, check out the festival website. It’s free! So come!



  1. Poe. No, Pandora. Ahhhh, I can’t choose when everyone is so sassy and entertaining! But morose pretension is invariably entertaining, so probably Poe.

  2. I don’t have the proper voice for it, but dour Poe would be the voice I’d want to do if I could. I kind of imagine it as an irritated Eeyore.

  3. um, so I have only ever done the audio books (and they are fan-tab-ulous.) so do your books have PICTURES???!!!!! or do I just need to stalk the blog a bit further…. (In love by the way- thanks for a great, different YA!!)

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