I blogged myself.

Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. I think it means that I sort of let my blog wither and die over the past few months, just like all those cacti I got for Christmas when I was nine and immediately killed. (How does a person kill a cactus, you ask? YOU GIFT IT TO GINA.)

Anyway, I was going to make this post all about how I’m resolving to blog more this year, what I’m going to blog about, yada yada yada yes we can, but I think instead I’ll just say this: I will be very earnestly endeavoring to blog more. On a schedule. If I succeed, great. If not, it’s because I am otherwise engaged–say, writing books that you like to read. So that’s great too. Either way, great. Greeeat.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday season! I did. I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas:

2013-12-22 08.49.57


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