Readers ask: Do I miss the CROAK characters?

To clarify, what we’re talking about here is not the characters who meet their untimely demises in the Croak books (of which, I grant you, there are several). What readers have begun asking is whether I miss the characters who took up residence inside my head five years ago when I started writing them, and who have been evicted from the premises now that the trilogy is over.

And the answer is yes, of course I do. Dearly. I brought them up from infancy, from the nookiest crannies of my brain, onto the page, and out into the world. I miss bantering with Lex and Driggs. I miss wondering about what batshit thing Uncle Mort is going to do next. I miss emo Poe. As the crazy chimp show lady at the Great New York State Fair said about her furry adopted children, “I’M THE ONLY MOTHER THEY’VE EVER KNOWN.”

*eye twitch* *eye twitch*

But I feel okay about it. They set out what they needed to do. They grew up. “Sunrise Sunset” played softly in the distance, and then their journey came to a close, and we’ve all moved on. New characters have taken up residence, and now they’re the ones I get to put through hell, according to my whims and fancies.

Besides…you do know that I can still technically hang out when them whenever I want, right? That is how imagination works. We hang out all the time, in fact, at that nightclub that exists solely on the backs of unicorns. In space.

Sketch 2014-01-22 16_39_40Kicking planets like soccer balls.

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