Here’s a list of nonsense that will be in HELLHOLE.

Sketch 2014-02-10 13_56_24

It’s that time again. I’ve spent the past few days going over copyedits for Hellhole, and with them came the style sheet, which is a list of words that I’ve put in the manuscript that are either unusual, slang, weird proper nouns, or words that aren’t quite words but are word-like enough that they have been allowed entrance into the book. These lists function not only as a nice window into my brain hole, but also as a teaser for my readers, so that they may catch a glimpse of what kind of shenanigans the characters will be getting into, and what wacky new swear words they will be inventing. Enjoy!

  • assgoblin
  • Beige Wonder
  • boned-ness
  • costumey
  • dickwad
  • douchedonkey
  • explodathon
  • eye bags
  • gee willickers
  • interwebs
  • jazz hands
  • lamewads
  • mouthfeel
  • non-science
  • nutball
  • Paleontologist Barbie
  • Secret Project #17
  • sideboob
  • snickerdoodle
  • tastycakes
  • Team Donut
  • velociraptor
  • word-bile


  1. Velociraptor? And why is my auto-spell check picking up on it? Are velociraptors no longer dinosaurs?!?
    Anyway, my fave is explodathon, followed by word-bile as a close second.
    Thanks for the “Hellhole” preview!

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