Let’s all kill some diabetes.

Because this week I am apparently only blogging about volunteerism and do-gooder type things (who am I?), today I’d like to chat for a minute about the ‘betes.

unnamedPictured: a diabete.

Genetically speaking I am pretty much 83% diabetes (the other 17%, of course, is my combined love of Jack Bauer and Coach Eric Taylor in the form of a solid titanium heart), and while I don’t actually have the thing, a lot of my family does. And I kind of like my family, you know? So I’m on a team that raises money to stop this misleadingly-adorable-sounding disease (we should really think about renaming it The Stupid Insulin-Hater From The Black Lagoon) and in return I do a nice little spin around the Boston Common every year, purely for your entertainment, in the form of the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.

So! If you would like to donate, click here to do so on my personal page, and then maybe also click here to learn a little bit more about my team (and to see a photo of my dog wearing a t-shirt, my husband wearing a ridiculous costume, and me wearing an exasperated face). In return for your philanthropy, I will send you a SECRET MYSTERY PERSONALIZED AWESOME PRIZE. Any amount counts! And the walk isn’t until October, so there’s plenty of time – I have set up a little widget over there on the sidebar of the blog, so you may return at any time to give more money and get more prizes. Thanks!



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