Writer Gear

Technically all you need to write is paper and a writing implement, or a keyboard and fingers, or a chalky rock and a boulder, if you’re Tom Hanks and trapped on a deserted island. But why stop there? Here’s the fun writery gunk I’m loving at the moment:

USB Hubdog

I recently bought a wireless mouse for my desktop because it was on sale and I needed a new one anyway and okay, if we’re being honest, I was in the throes of an office supply buying spree thanks to all the Staples gift cards I got (okay, begged for) for Christmas. But after I’d gotten the mouse all set up, the cursor was jerky. It lagged all over the screen, and sometimes just up and disappeared altogether. Now, I can understand not wanting to show up for work from time to time, but come on, little white arrow, you have one job to do. ONE.

I whined and complained for a few solid weeks, and after finally admitting that this wasn’t solving the problem, I decided to look into it a little further. Turns out that the receiver that I plugged into my USB port was just a tad too far away from the mouse, so the signal wasn’t great and that was most likely what was causing the lazy cursor. Which brings me to my next point: LAZY CURSOR – good band name, or better picture book title?

What I needed to do was get the receiver closer to my mouse. Now, I could have accomplished this with a simple USB extension cord. But why come up with a boring solution when an adorable, dog-shaped solution is available instead? Now my mouse works properly, and I’ve got three USB ports/dog legs available for other uses, such as flash drives and camera cables that I can use to upload photos of my real, non-plastic dog. META.


Nose pencil sharpener

A couple of years ago I came into a large supply of mechanical pencils. (I won’t say how – let’s just say that it involved a crossword tournament sponsored by Bic and more rabid office-supply-greed.) The only problem with these things are that their erasers are not replaceable, and now that I’ve worn them all down, there has opened up in my heart an inescapable pit of grief and despair.

…which was easily fixed by the reminder that regular old wooden pencils exist. Now they’re all I use, and to keep them sharp I have found no tool better than my handy-dandy nostril sharpener. I’m not sure where I originally got this (it has the faint whiff of goofy-gag-gift-from-Dad), but I like it a lot. Anything that makes me remimiscent of a challenge from Double Dare is a plus in my book.


Red pens

Pilot Precise V7 Fine Point pens have been my writing tools of choice since I was in ninth grade. I have never bought a different brand of pen. To engage in such foolishness would be nothing short of madness.

Which is why I have no idea HOW a red Pilot Precise V5 EXTRA Fine Point pen came into my possession. I strongly suspect evil pixies. But however it happened, the V5 is unacceptable. An extra fine point does not dispense the vast, Niagara Fallish deluge of ink that my writing requires. So I ordered a gigantic box of V7 pens, and boy howdy, that is one good-looking photo. Oh office supply porn, never change.



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