July giveaway: Box of MYSTERY???

Sketch 2014-07-03 14_11_59

It’s time to do a little summer cleaning, my friends. I’ve got loads of books on my hands, and I want to give them to you.

Here’s how it’s going to work. You fill out the form below. I will randomly pick a winner – or possibly two, depending on how many books I decide to give away – and send you a box of Books That Shall Remain Nameless. Why? Because mystery. What I can tell you is that they will be will be YA, with possibly a middle grade or two thrown in, and published fairly recently–within the past five years or so. There may also be some ARCs in the mix, in which case you must promise me that you will never, ever sell them. You may give them away to a friend, or donate them to a library or a classroom, but no selling. Got it?

Oh, and don’t bother trying to use your mind-reading powers to determine whether I’m giving a book away because I hated it or anything. Some are ARCs that I later bought finished copies of, some are duplicates, some were given to me and I never read because they aren’t my thing. And some are cursed.

Here’s the form! Good luck!

Giveaway closed. Congrats to the winners, Heidi H. and Casey S.!



One comment

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed. Shipping will be cheap to Arlington! Heck, I’ll pick them up! Hahahaha. Thanks for the giveaway Gina!

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