More fan art.

My fan art cache has gotten a little backed up, so here are a few more!

Italian Yoricks_Charles Owens

Italian Yoricks, by Charles O.
(Featuring the rare, green-covered CROAK ARC.)

Driggs_Denise Campbell

Driggs, by Denise C.

Kassie Block

Croak Having Fun, by Kassie B. 
Let’s see, we’ve got: Frozen pizza, Oreos, Life cereal, empty Yorick mugs, M&Ms, another CROAK ARC, and a note that says:
Driggs + Lex,
Here’s your dinner. I’m gonna be out late. The Yoricks are one for each (sorry Corpp wouldn’t lend me the usual mugs). Enjoy!
–Uncle Mort. 
P.S. Do not drink Lex’s Yorick, Driggs!
P.P.S. Lex, I think you’ll love this book!

Ferbus_Zil Sacan

Ferbus, by Zil S.



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