Behind the Book – CROAK, Chapters #15-16


Behind the Book is an ongoing series wherein I tackle a new chapter* of Croak each week and give you all of the secret, behind-the-scenes tidbits and trivia that went into writing it. For an archive of past chapters, click here. To read the spoilers, highlight the blank spaces marked with <<hi>>; proceed at your own risk if you haven’t read the entire series. Enjoy!

*The longer the book goes on, the more I’ve already told you and the less I can talk about spoilery stuff, so I’ll be doubling up on chapters from here on out.

Chapter 15: The Mortening

  • Uncle Mort’s position as mayor more or less prohibits him from going out into the Field and getting his Kill on, but on the rare occasions he gets a chance to — like in this chapter, when he talks about investigating the white-eye deaths — he gets all wistful, as if he really misses it. The guy’s a natural (if irreverent) leader, and he clearly <<took on the task of being mayor for the good of the Grimsphere, in order to steer things the way they needed to go>>, but I always felt bad about not letting him do what he really loved the most.
  • This is a big secret-backstory chapter, if you read between the lines. Given what he <<reveals in Rogue, all of the secrets that Lex doesn’t even know about herself>> you can tell that Uncle Mort is being awfully hesitant about explaining any connections between Lex and the mysterious deaths. Not a coincidence.


Chapter 16: The Ferbusopolying

  • Why the board game mashup? Because I like board games. That is why.
  • No but really, I didn’t want the Juniors to default to watching TV or playing video games when they were bored, but instead for them to come up with something a little more creative. I liked the idea that a group of friends know one another well enough to be able to play this weird-ass game that makes no sense.
  • Unsurprisingly, this scene originally went on a lot longer, because I cannot help myself. I believe both my agent and my editor suggested I cut it down, using some approximation of the phrase, “enough with the board games, Gina.”
  • I am once again shocked that one of Sofi’s phrases — “That’s so crazybread!” — has not swept the nation.
  • Driggs gets all cagey about his parents, and for gooood reason. <<See: Rogue>>

Got any questions about Chapter 15 or 16? Post them below!


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