Behind the Book – CROAK, Chapters #23-24


Behind the Book is an ongoing series wherein I tackle a new chapter* of Croak each week and give you all of the secret, behind-the-scenes tidbits and trivia that went into writing it. For an archive of past chapters, click here. To read the spoilers, highlight the blank spaces marked with <<hi>>; proceed at your own risk if you haven’t read the entire series. Enjoy!

*The longer the book goes on, the more I’ve already told you and the less I can talk about spoilery stuff, so I’ll be doubling up on chapters from here on out.

Chapter 23: The Framing

  • I wouldn’t mind having a Lifeglass myself. Although I guess our online lives are kind of like that, huh? Instant flashes of certain points and memories that we want to record, accessible anytime we want? Okay, cancel the Lifeglass order. Although it would look pretty bitchin’ on my shelf.
  • Elysia and the other Juniors pitch in to give Lex a framed photo in a nice frame, and I am just now realizing that it is never mentioned again in this book or the other two. What happened to it, you think?
  • Actually, now I remember: I meant to turn that photo into another sort-of-magical item, where Lex could tell if any one of the Juniors were dead if they disappeared from the picture. Very Goosebumps, I know. Probably for the best that I never ran with that.
  • The scene that Lex flashes back to when she sees that <<Cordy is the target, the one where she remembers getting sand in her eye when they were kids,>> is something that popped into my head at three in the morning one night when I couldn’t sleep. I had already written up to that point in the book, but knew it was lacking an emotional punch–and then one night, randomly, the solution came to me. I immediately fired up the laptop, and the whole scene remains pretty much unchanged from that very first draft.


Chapter 24: The Confessing

  • All I can say about this chapter is that it was written and rewritten and written and rewritten a million times. I specifically remember pleading with my computer to just fix it for me, dammit. It was very complicated, lots of loose ends to tie up, lots of plot points to set up for the next book, and the challenge of doing it all without reading too much as <<“the villain reveals the whole dastardly plan while sounding very smug about it”. (Which, I admit, it still has plenty of. But I’m of the opinion that that style is in keeping with Zara’s character; she’s conceited, competitive, and likes to claim credit for everything, so why wouldn’t she brag about all of her nefarious accomplishments?)>>
  • I’m happy with the way it ended up, though, especially <<the ambiguity Lex feels about choosing good over evil. Evil certainly has a lot of positive things going for it, especially in relation to the way Lex feels she should use her deathy powers. And it sets a precedent for the rest of the trilogy, too–Lex constantly going back and forth on what exactly is meant by doing the “right” thing–a struggle that carries through all the way to the end of Rogue.>>

Got any questions about Chapter 23 or 24? Post them below!


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