HELLHOLE fiestas across the land

Well, across the northeast. Well, two locations across the northeast. SO FAR.

The official launch party took place at the ever-fabulous Jones Library in Amherst, MA (thanks to Garrett Pindar!), and was sponsored by the ever-fabulous Odyssey Bookshop (thanks to Hannah Moushabeck!) and was, as you may have already picked up, ever-fabulous. The library provided a craveworthy spread of processed cheese snacks galore, plus some red hot candies and, obviously, devil lollipops.

ginafinalHannah and me and Garrett - doodles courtesy of Garrett, the lovable scamp
IMG_20150106_190306My seven-year-old self would be so psyched to know that I would one day write a book that is essentially a 349-page ode to Cheetos

Next stop was the Barnes & Noble in Syracuse, NY (thanks to Nick Bennett!), where a whole chunk of my family and friends came out, and I proceeded to remind them why they should be embarrassed of me.

20150110_141046Because of my relentless desire to sell books and also smart media desks

Ooh, and there was this awesome cookie cake (which is a thing in HELLHOLE) that my mom ordered. I would give anything to have listened in on the phone call that resulted in this delight, but sadly it is lost to the ages. Not lost to the ages: that black frosting, which is currently still staining my teeth.

IMG_20150110_124624"That's right, I said Hellhole. Hell. Hole. No, not hello. That wouldn't make any sense at all."

Needless to say, I stuffed it in my face and a good time was had by all…who also stuffed it in their faces. Thanks so everyone who came out to see me, and I’ll hopefully have some news soon about more appearances in the spring!



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