Reader mail/FAQ: What’s the deal with Norwood and Heloise?


Be warned: this post is FULL of spoilers, so if you haven’t read the entire trilogy yet, stay away.

Norwood and Heloise. Did they really love each other? I could never get a good read on how Heloise felt, and Norwood… you’d think a husband would have a little more grief knowing that their wife was suddenly suffering eternal torment. How old are they? Were they partners? After ROGUE, what happens to Norwood?        — Carly E.

Norwood and Heloise are in their late forties/early fifties, they were partners before becoming Etcetera directors, and yes, they really did love each other. As Norwood mentions in Rogue, they even wanted children at one point, but ultimately chose to stick with their careers instead (since Grims can’t have kids while they’re in the Grimsphere). So of course Norwood is devastated by what happens to Heloise, but I think he’s the kind of guy that funnels most of his emotions into rage — rage that he takes out on Lex, Uncle Mort, and the rest of the gang, and uses it to fuel whatever he can do to control the destruction of the Grimsphere. Because, remember: from Norwood’s perspective, Uncle Mort is an alarmist crackpot who’s been wrong about things before, and Norwood is the voice of reason who’s trying to help. The Grimsphere is his entire way of life, everything he’s ever worked for. Of course he doesn’t want to see it destroyed; none of the Grims do! But he doesn’t know the extent of the problem like Uncle Mort does, and while, yes, Norwood should have listened when Uncle Mort was trying to convince him, he was still acting in what he thought was the Grimsphere’s best interest.

Having said that, he goes about it in a variety of deplorable ways: secretly bombing Croak in order to get people to vote for him as mayor, throwing everyone in jail, sentencing Lex and the gang to the Hole, etc. It’s not like he’s this misunderstood hero who was just erred on the wrong side of history; he is, in many ways, a very cruel man. So what happens to him after Rogue? Well, it’s probably not what you want to hear, but I think he’d probably just lick his wounds and move on with his life. Sure, he deserves some sort of punishment, but to him, being stripped of his Grimhood is the worst possible thing that could have happened, and continuing to live on in this world that’s just a shadow of his former life would likely be a daily torture. Still, he’s a smart, ambitious, ruthless guy, and he should have no problem jumping back into the modern world. I bet he’d fit right in on Wall Street.


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