Northern Kentucky YA Fest Recap

Over the weekend I got the chance to participate in the fabulous Northern Kentucky YA Fest. (Did you know that parts of northern Kentucky are considered suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio? There’s your fun State Line Fact of the Day.)

Everything about it was awesome. The teens were awesome. The authors were awesome. The volunteers were awesome. And the organizers were awesome, specifically Eden Grey, librarian extraordinaire, who was in charge of the whole damn thing and pulled it off like a pro. You never would have guessed that this was the first year they’ve ever done it!

Here are some photos. And let me just say: this all just goes to show that anyone can organize an event like this. Eden and her crew looked around, realized that there weren’t any YA festivals in their area, decided to organize one, and went ahead and did it. These events are such wonderful ways to bring authors, readers, librarians, and teachers together into an exciting day of book-filled goodness. Keep the YA Fests coming, I say!


Me and Eden, Lord Commander


My panel of delightful authors, me staring off into space


Signing after the event

IMG_0300 (1)

IMG_0298 (1)

Authors – professional at first, then our true selves emerge


Guest captioning by reader Aaron


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