Craftiness: Cat Shelves

I have recently been lamenting the state of my living room. Not because of the half-chewed frisbees and tennis balls that pepper the floor (my husband never puts his toys away), but because of the furniture. Close readers of this blog know that I am obsessed with IKEA, and that obsession remains steadfast, pure, and true, but a few years ago I went on a black/brown color scheme kick, and it wasn’t working for me anymore. It seemed kind of depressing.

IMG_3798Sadness, in bookshelf form

(A brief interjection that I feel the need to make even though it will probably go unnoticed by the majority of the (sane) population: equally-obsessed IKEA fanatics will note that this bookshelf is not an IKEA product. I think it’s from Target. But it matches all the other black/brown IKEA stuff, so I’m lumping it in. Hopefully this won’t give you as much anxiety as it gives me.)

I was sick of the dullness and I wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. So I got to painting.



You’ll note that in the above photo, the sides still look crappy and unfinished. That’s because I had exciting plans for them. (If you consider bookshelf upgrades exciting, which I do.)

On a recent trip to the Paper Source (a great source for paper), I’d found this delightful cat paper crammed to the edges with mildly devious felines, and I immediately decided: I would like to look at this all the damn time.

IMG_3816“We are plotting murders.”

So I bought a couple of sheets, not knowing what I was going to use it for–until the day came to rage against the ugly shelves, and the answer became clear:


I then wrapped each shelf in some funky brown-baggy wrapping paper I had lying around (all gluing courtesy of the miraculous Mod Podge):



And there you have it. Cat shelves.

IMG_3820 IMG_3810

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