Reader mail: What’s the deal with Yoricks?


Where did you get the idea of Yoricks (they sound delicious)? I could really go for a Yorick after a day of school and homework.

I could also go for a Yorick right now, and a few minutes from now, and at any given moment of any given day, without regard for rules or social conventions. I would drink it in a fancy boutique that doesn’t allow drinks. I would drink it in a movie theater.  I would drink it on a boat. I would drink it with a goat.

(If you know of any goats that are down to be my drinking buddies, please send me their contact information.)

To answer the question: Yoricks are just the best kind of drink I could think of. When I got old enough to drink and started trying different kinds of alcohol for the first time, I was super disappointed that none of them were all that delicious to me. Not just undelicious — downright disgusting. If only all of them tasted like the best chocolate milkshake I’ve ever had, I thought – and bam. Yoricks.

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