Pre-order WAX for fun and profit!

Oh hi. It’s been a while since I posted on this here blog, because life. But guess what’s coming up on yonder horizon, only three weeks away? WAX!

It is officially a book! I offer proof in photographic form!

Here are some nice things that people are saying about it:

  • “Damico writes a hybrid comedy-horror romp that can keep readers turning pages. The dry humor keeps the suspense from becoming truly terrifying, but the mix remains entertaining, especially when Poppy discovers some major secrets about who the factory owners really are. An imaginative twist on an Invasion of the Body Snatchers theme, with comedy.” — Kirkus Reviews
  • “A deliriously off-the-wall tale of small-town horror…Poppy’s bone-dry sense of humor provides laughs throughout this creepy tale of body-snatchers (“Dud wasn’t capable of understanding the concept of nipples, much less love”), but the real strength of the story lies in Damico’s wholehearted commitment to her bizarre plot and its outlandish twists.” — Publishers Weekly

It’s true: I am nothing if not committed to a bit. Especially a bizarre one.

WAX will be released on August 2. That is a mere 21 days away. In the meantime, here’s a proposition: how’s about you pre-order it, and I send you some swag? Note: This giveaway is closed. Deal. Simply:

  1. Pre-order WAX from your favorite online retailer (here are links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound to get you started) or through your own local bookstore. If you have already pre-ordered WAX, you are my favorite, and you may skip directly to Step #2.
  2. Submit/forward a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase to
  3. Stare at mailbox until swag arrives.

It’s that easy. This giveaway is open internationally, and will only last until August 1st, 2016, so get clicking!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a bunch of WAX-related stuff – sample chapters, behind-the-scenes-writing-stuff, PERHAPS A TRAILER – so get excited. Or should I say, get WAX-cited? No. I shouldn’t.



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