Here are a couple of nice things.

Hey, Poland! Listen, I’m really sorry that you got knocked out of the Euro Cup, but guess what — I’ve got a consolation prize for you. Croak is coming your way!

I was so happy, I drew a flag. That’s…what I do when I’m happy about things.

And America, there’s good news for you too. Audible bought the audio rights, so you will soon be able to put the entire Croak trilogy into your ear holes!

Which are located ^here.

I’m over the moon about both things, and am very thankful yet again to my agent and her fabulous folks over at ICM Partners for doing what they do so well. And by that I of course mean jazz squares.



  1. My earballs are doing a jig right now! SO EXCITING!!!
    Also, thank you for signing the copy of our book! I sort of freaked out after the party last night when I noticed it.

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